Russian Prepaid Visa Virtual cards

VISA Virtual — card for online shopping. The virtual card does not exist in physical form, there is only the data necessary for purchase.

Card VISA Virtual pay sites. Buy anonymous and more secure.

There is no need to go to the Bank to request a card and to expect a release. The card details You receive at the time of completion of purchase card.

You can pick up a card with the necessary balance for a specific payment. To make it a single payment and do not store it more unnecessary details.
Goods: 💳 305$ VISA virtual / prepaid. Statement ✅

Price: 335.33 $ (seller: Vorotila)

Discount to regular customers

Description of the selected VISA VIRTUAL card from its seller:

VISA Virtual cards are a great way to make online payments. With such cards it is easy to pay for any goods and services in many foreign online stores and services. This card is accepted for payment in most online stores and various online games (both Russian and foreign). The card does not differ from ordinary plastic Visa Electron, Classic, Gold, etc., but unlike them, when using this card, the address, first name, surname can be any. However, if the service for accepting payments imposes increased requirements on the security of transactions, then in some cases it is recommended to use the appropriate authorization address (European or American) for their adequate passage. That is, indicate the address in the format provided for in the United States and European countries.

Cards are suitable for payment in , Moneybookers , Ebay , Google Adwords , PayPal (Russian only) , iTunes , Google Checkout , GodAddy , Amazon , Ozon , Yahoo , DarkFallOnline , PSN RUS , LineAge ,WOW RUS, Steam , Ventrilo , AviaNova , Russian Railways , S7 Airlines , SkyExpress , Aeroflot , Vladivostok Avia , bestofferbuy , Transaero , Tatarstan Airlines , AirBerlin , Ural Airlines , hotels , agent , hostelsclub, Skype, Liqpay , Forexclub , softkey , dealextreme , sendflowers , vKontakte , Masterhost, Ru-center, PlayStation, Half-life, World of Warcraft, Aion, Savage, EVE, Lineage 2, Magic: the gathering Online, Fallen Earth, PokerStars, Fonbet Bookmakers, Apple, Efax, Mlb , WordPress, Casino,, Fxclub, McAfee, Microsoft, Dreamhost, Mysite, Namecheap, NCSoft,, Plimus , PwOnline , RFonline , RZD , S7 , Snapnames , Skype,, dealextreme, bestoffe rbuy and other online games and stores.

When paying, it is recommended to use a Russian IP address.

Many stores, especially in the US, pre-authorize the amount by $1-5 more than the payment amount, and the amount on the card may not be enough. To solve this problem, we recommend taking cards with a margin.

The cards are non-rechargeable and can only be used as long as there are funds in the account.

Ordering a balance on cards is free.

Ordering an extract with authorization codes - free of charge.

The balance and statement can be ordered only through our email, be sure to indicate the card number in the letter.

The card is valid for 1 month, you must use the card during this period, unused card balances are not returned.

By purchasing the card, you agree to the above terms.

Please note that these cards are valid for 1 MONTH, regardless of the validity period specified in its details. Use the card as soon as possible after purchase, be careful!

Who is the seller and what guarantee do You have?
We choose a few vendors, and presented their virtual cards for sale on our site. The guarantee consists in the selection of vendors by the amount of sales and number of positive reviews. Buying from us You can not think about the thorough choice of the seller.

How will I receive the goods?
Through Oplata.Info — service on reception of payments with simultaneous transfer of the paid goods.

With us easier, cheaper and more reliable!
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