Russian Prepaid Visa Virtual cards

VISA Virtual — card for online shopping. The virtual card does not exist in physical form, there is only the data necessary for purchase.

Card VISA Virtual pay sites. Buy anonymous and more secure.

There is no need to go to the Bank to request a card and to expect a release. The card details You receive at the time of completion of purchase card.

You can pick up a card with the necessary balance for a specific payment. To make it a single payment and do not store it more unnecessary details.
Goods: Visa bin415175, 2$ PayPal EU, UK, MD (PP*0000CODE)

Price: 6.4 $ (seller:

Discount to regular customers

Description of the selected VISA VIRTUAL card from its seller:

> This Visa Portugal card with Bin 415175 is only linked to a PayPal account. In turn, working in countries such as: Moldova, Ukraine, EU, USA and Great Britain.
These Cards are not available for resources other than PayPal, please note that the card is only suitable for PayPal.

Country: VISA VIRTUAL (Portugal)

We also accept orders for the following countries: We work only through the Plati website
Vietnam, India, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, USA, UK, Japan, Indonesia, France, Portugal, Italian, Estonia.

Virtual card is a prepaid bank card, which is a set of requisites and is designed for secure payment for goods and services on the Internet. The virtual prepaid card is served by two international payment systems - Visa and MasterCard. A virtual card will help you make a payment quickly, anonymously and without the risk of data theft at any online store that accepts regular bank cards. is the future of online commerce.

About Store

In our store you can instantly buy virtual bank cards VISA Virtuon and MasterCard in three currencies: rubles, dollars and euros. The denomination of the cards varies from 100 rubles 1 USD 1 EURO to 100,000 rubles 3000 USD 2500 EURO.

Advantages of a virtual prepaid card:

Works everywhere. With a virtual prepaid card, you can pay for purchases on all sites where Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
Instant payment. All operations using Visa and MasterCard virtual occur instantly.
Automatic instant delivery. You will receive your virtual prepaid card automatically immediately after payment.
Payment security. Virtual cards are purchased for the purchase amount and close to it, and therefore, even if the data falls into the hands of an attacker, it is unlikely that he will be able to profit from something.
Payment anonymity. Virtual cards are completely anonymous and do not contain any data about the payer.
Easy to get and use. To pay with a virtual card, you need to enter the data received from us into the payment form on the site.
There are no additional commissions when paying. The vast majority of sites do not charge users any additional commissions when paying for VISA Virtuon and MasterCard Virtual.
It is possible to make purchases on foreign sites. For example: EA Games, PayPal, Ebay, Amazon, **, Google Adwords, iTunes, WordPress, FaceBook, GodAddy, Skype, AppStore, PokerStars, Blizzard, Betfair, iOffer, Skrrill, eBay, Google Adwords, Bet365, Amazon Praim, Netflix, Bing, Amazon seller, iTunes, Microsoft store, Google play, blizzard, iherb, steam.
Transfer capability. You can transfer the card to another user without any problems. To do this, you need to dictate or send information about it. It is a convenient and free way to transfer funds.
Important information:

1) You have 24 hours from the date of payment to solve problems replace VCC.
2) Return of goods only with full justification and the provision of screenshots, without all this, there will be NO return!
Paypal sends deposits within Three days.

And one more request, if you are not sure about something, write to the manager, he will explain to you where the card is suitable and will answer all your questions; better ask before buying, we are ready to answer all your questions.
Portugal, Spain, France, Colombia 🇨🇴 have Bin:

Who is the seller and what guarantee do You have?
We choose a few vendors, and presented their virtual cards for sale on our site. The guarantee consists in the selection of vendors by the amount of sales and number of positive reviews. Buying from us You can not think about the thorough choice of the seller.

How will I receive the goods?
Through Oplata.Info — service on reception of payments with simultaneous transfer of the paid goods.

With us easier, cheaper and more reliable!
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